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I want to thank you for taking the time to stop by! 

I did not read much in school because I preferred writing and friends. After school ended for me and I joined the adult world, I still not did read very much. There are so many classics that I have not read yet, and that makes me sad. A few years back I made a new friend who was in college. He recommended I read The Great Gatsby Novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. At first, I was hesitant for reasons I don’t remember. I knew a lot of my classmates in school were required to read it, I might have even been required to read it, but I know I didn’t read it back in school.

So now that someone new in my life was challenging me to read it the old feelings came back. I felt if I didn’t read it he would think I was ignorant and unwilling to challenge myself. I also knew if I tried to lie about reading it he would know because he did read it. I took the plunge and read it. I have to tell you, I am still in love with that story even after a few years has passed. I was expecting it to be an awful read. At first, I’ll admit it was hard to get into but since I did finish it, I’m glad I stuck it out. That book taught me to be patient and to give something a real chance before quitting. 

After that book, I didn’t read any new books for a while. A few years to be honest. April of 2018, I found it hard to fall asleep one night. So I got onto Facebook like many people do in the middle of the night. The first thing I saw was an ad for The Book of the Month. I don’t know why, but at that moment I HAD to join. Newly unemployed, stressed out from life, I knew I shouldn’t be spending monthly money that I did not have. I took the risk anyway and joined the club! Now I receive a new book once a month. They give you the option to choose from five books and if you want all five, you pay a small extra fee for the other four books. Each extra book is roughly ten dollars. I went to my local store the other day and one of those books was selling off the shelf for almost thirty dollars! And to think I can get it for ten on this website! 

I may have gotten off topic a bit. I want to thank you for being part of my journey. I also want to explain why I’m here and what my purpose is. Since I joined that club, I have also reached out to my friends and family about books. If they had any good reads around the house that they would recommend or let me borrow. My sister and her husband let me borrow three books! Two lean on the religious side and one is a political book. Neither of those is my go-to type books but that was exactly why I reached out for assistance. I would not have paid for them, nor would I have chosen them myself. I’m already halfway into one of the religious type books and I’m in love with it! It has shocked me beyond measure. 

I honestly don’t have anyone in my life I can sit down with and discuss books we have recently read. No one on my social media cares about the books either. I feel this energy inside me that wants to share though. Since I love to write and I am loving these new books, I did the math. The answer to my unobvious problem was actually very simple. Here we are. I’ll be discussing the books I have read in the past and the books I currently read. I’ll try to keep my previous books on shorter combined posts and if you want more information on those books you can message me and I’ll make their own post! (Of course, I’ll have to re-read the book! So please give me time to do that before I can post about it.)

Thank you. Truly. For joining me on this journey. If you have any books you’d like to recommend I would greatly appreciate it! I’ll also try to make a list of classics and try to knock all of them off my to-do list as well! I’m excited! Let’s begin this journey into the world of books! 



    1. In one of my scenes? I don’t post any original writings here except for my book reviews. I read a new book and post a picture of the book and then review the book I just read. I love typewriters though, I want to have my own one day!

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      1. I am trying to remember who it was that told me that they did not take typing in school. It was almost a must for me, as well as speech class, which has really helped me.

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  1. I really wish that I could visit your library…I could enjoy a whole afternoon there, reading “who knows what,” for as long as I would be permitted. Please keep up your good work.


      1. I rarely have a favorite anything. Although if I think back through my memories, The Great Gatsby would be the one that sticks out because during school times I refused to read it because everyone else was talking about how amazing it was. Until after school I ended up reading it and was very disappointed that I didn’t give it a chance sooner. I don’t usually pick favorites because of how often we change as people. My “favorites” change as often as the seasons so I tend not to pick favorites overall for anything.

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      2. I understand what you are saying. When I was in seventh grade, my “math” teacher told my class to read all that we could (then), because later on in life we would not have time to do serious reading; time has proven him right. I lived in New Orleans during my high school years. There were so many Catholic high schools that they had their own district of schools for athletics. Those schools had high academic standards. Their students road city buses to school. I rode a city bus to my public school, and noticed that the Catholic kids were always reading books on their way to school. I had a morning paper route. When I would go to homes to collect for the papers that I delivered, I noticed that parents would be working with their kids on homework assignments. There is too little reading today, and too little parental involvement. “My people perish for a lack of knowledge,” is a Bible verse that holds a lot of water in today’s world.

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