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Cian Twomey


If you don’t know Cian Twomey you should go check out his funny videos on Facebook or even Youtube. I have like his short videos on Facebook for quite some time before he mentioned he wrote a book. As you can tell by the cover of this book, it’s supposed to be funny. The book does take short breaks for honesty about his real life and the truth behind the funny videos.

His videos and most of this book is about his “relationship” with his girlfriend Emily. Emily is a real person, however, the person who plays Emily in this book and in his videos is often himself. You know, to add the humor effect of a guy pretending to be a version of his girlfriend. In my opinion, it’s hilarious because I fail at projecting all things girly.

The book is 204 pages long including the Q&A at the end and the afterword from the author’s sister. I love the design of this book, it breaks the traditional book of just white pages with black words. It’s filled with pictures, doodles, and loads of color!

The relationship between fake Emily and Cian is one that makes all of us laugh and smile. One that often makes us compare it to our own relationships. I loved this book because Cian is a young man and has a wide open imagination. At least, that is the image he made me see. This book is definitely for those with an open sense of humor, a person who can find a good joke everywhere. This book is generally for the younger crowd who is into funny videos on the internet.

To be fair, my grandma probably wouldn’t be into this book very much because of the foul language that’s prominently displayed on the front cover and even throughout the book. However, your grandma might be interested in this book, if she’s that type of grandma. (If she is, I’d like to meet her!)

The book covers the real parts of his relationship with the real Emily, how they met, their first real date, their first year anniversary, etc.. The book also gives little stories of the fake Emily, her advice on the world and relationships. Fake Emily has her own personality which has some similarities to the real Emily but also a few that make her the nightmare version of a girlfriend. Such as over-attached and obsessive, self-absorbed, and a tad unladylike to be honest. I love fake Emily, she is a riot and a hoot! (Yes, I know I just said she is a hoot, don’t judge me!)

Cian Twomey’s Facebook page

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