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Katherine Center

Book: How to Walk Away


302 pages long, filled with heartbreak, and romance. This is a book from the Book of the Month club. (May 2018) This is a fictional novel written by Katherine Center.

How to Walk Away starts out about the main character Margaret Jacobsen who is dating Chip. In the beginning, obviously, we learn about Margaret and her fears as well her passions. We learn about where she is in her life as far as career or potential careers. We start to learn about her family and her boyfriend. Soon her boyfriend becomes her fiance, right before the big scene happens.

The big scene was a bit predictable and happened very quick into the story. Don’t let that push you away though because the ending is where the real big scene is. Margaret is involved in a situation that sends her to a prolonged stay at the hospital. In the beginning, her faithful fiance is scarcely seen or heard from. Her parents aren’t open and forthcoming about what is going on her with physically. And then her long-lost sister comes back into the picture.

The middle part of the book describes Margaret’s everyday life in the hospital. Introduces some of the staff at the hospital and her experiences with them.

About here is the time I have to stop updating you on the book if I want you to read it as well. I can’t give away too many details. The following parts are my favorite and hopefully, they inspire you to read the book as well.

  1. The part where there is a “bad guy” created and you start to not like him.
  2. The part where family overcomes strained obstacles.
  3. When love starts to fill the pages in a discrete way.
  4. The heartbreaking moment truth floods in.
  5. Her weekend trip away from the hospital.
  6. The wedding.
  7. Everything after the wedding as well!

This was an easy relaxing read. It’s a tragic romance type where romance isn’t the main point but it’s the beginning and eventually the ending. A read that inspires you to overcome your odds because for most of us our odds are nowhere near as challenging as the character in this story.

If you are the type of person who is not really into romance stories, this one might be for you. You don’t get the mushy-gooey feeling that an overly romantic story usually gives. You do, however, get a sense of joy when the romantic things happen. The book projects itself as being tragedy-ridden full of despair but that is to cover up the romance underneath. I hope I didn’t just mislead you there, it’s not a depressing story and it truly is not overly sad. There are moments when you want to be sad for the character but the way it’s beautifully written, you can’t help but cheer her along and be very understanding towards her choices and actions.

A book appropriate for most older teens, young adults, and anyone older who are looking for a subtle romantic story with a pretty happy ending. This book does not have your typical happy ending where EVERYTHING works out and life is back to normal. However, it has a happen ending in all the places that count. A more, real-life type of happy ending where everything doesn’t work out but everything does come together. (If that makes sense to you.)

How to Walk Away By Katherine Center.

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