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Ghosted, A Novel by Rosie Walsh is 337 pages in length is next up for review. When I read other reviews online and the description of this novel, I was very excited to dive right in!


I need to learn how to tone down my excitement for a new book because I’m noticing a pattern. I get very excited, once I start reading the novel my excitement goes down and I’m too impatient to fully enjoy the hard work this author is putting into their story. Building each character and story line, including small backstories to help build the bigger picture. I’m getting too excited to read the book that I don’t fully give the beginning a real chance. This was one of those novels. Where the whole idea of it was just too much for me that I could not contain myself or concentrate during the beginning. I am aware though, the issue is a “me” problem and not a true problem with the stories themselves.

In Ghosted, there is a man, a woman, two families, and a great group of co-workers/friends. OH! Don’t forget the sheep and Mouse either! A word to the wise, slow down while you’re reading the beginning. I may have missed a few key parts that would have made it more obvious and in case that’s what happened, I want to reread the story to find out. You get to this one page where you realize everything you thought you were reading was wrong. You are simply wrong. And I still feel like I didn’t miss anything but rather the author did such an amazing job at writing the story instead.

I remember thinking at the beginning of the story how disappointed I was because it went straight for heartbreak and misery, or maybe just anxiety and nervousness. I guess I should say this really quick, for those who don’t know what the term Ghosted means, it’s when a person just disappears on you for no valid reason, at least not to you. Sometimes it’s forever and other times it is just temporary. It can happen between two friends, two lovers, any type of relationship really. The point is one person walks away from the other, no more social media interactions, no more texts, calls, pictures, emails, visiting, nothing. As if the person became a ghost and disappeared into thin air.

(Disclaimer, if you ask me, I think doing that to someone is a bit harsh. I understand we don’t want to hurt other people and fear may push us away from them. But at what point do you think about what harm you are doing to the other person instead of just being honest? I also understand that some people may choose that action because they were hurt and needed to get away, but I still think there are better ways of solving problems than running away without even saying goodbye, even temporarily.)

I do not intend to give too many details away with this book because it’s one of those beautiful gems you have to read for yourself. The heartbreak, the pain, the passion, the romance, the details…this book has it all! At first, it was hard to get into because I was expecting the book to be structured differently, like love/passion at the beginning with a middle of turmoil and then the ending. I try to never predict how I think the ending will be because sometimes a sad or bad ending is needed. Obviously I always secretly wish for true love or true happiness to win in the end but not every story ends that way and that is okay by me. As I was saying, I was expecting more love and romance at the beginning of the book and it wasn’t like that. It did take a moment for me to adjust to the beginning once I realized I wasn’t going to get my way. 

That middle and the ending though, let’s talk about that for a moment. This is where I can’t give too many details. I was NOT expecting that ending. I was not expecting the bombshell in the middle of the book. And I was not expecting to realize how wrong I was through most of the book until that part that woke me up. HOLY WOW! Yes. That’s all I got left to say. 10/10-would most definitely recommend!!


Please feel free to let me know what you thought of the book, I’d love to hear your thoughts! I personally loved the book! Reader question: Would you have started the book out the same if you were the author or would you have started with a romantic/happy beginning? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments and thank you for your time!

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