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I would like to apologize.

I am not taking a break, I have not quit writing, and I have not forgotten my hobby of writing book reviews. I have been stuck on this book for quite some time. It’s not a long book, nor is it a difficult read. However, I am uninterested in it. 

I was warned that it was not particularly a fun read but I was optimistic regardless. Until I got three pages into the first chapter and it put me to sleep! Which is insane because most books don’t put me to sleep even when I am physically and mentally exhausted. Right now I have about four books open trying to finish even one of them, but this one book is slowing me down and halting production. 

I have a “thing” about starting a new book while I have an old one still going. I have to finish an old book before I can start a new book. I made an exception recently with the three other books because I am super excited to read them. However, once I get a few chapters in I have to put the book down because I have yet to finish that first book. 

As you can tell, the review probably won’t be that great on the novel. I am so uninterested in it. It’s taking me too long to finish it. I’m pretty sure it’s around 200 (very easy to read) pages if not less than, but for sure less than 300 pages in length. As you may or may not have noticed from my previous timed posts, this one has taken quite a bit longer to get through. I promise I will try to get through it soon and do a review. And then I should be back on track! 

Thank you for your patience with me, I truly do appreciate it. I do apologize for how long it has taken for me to even finish this book. Mentally I have given up hope that it will turn into a book I am happy I read. Which makes me sad, a little upset as well that I have wasted all this time trying to read it. I am uninterested and quite bored of it, it has not picked up much since I started, and it just seems to drag on and on for me. I honestly can’t wait for it to just be over. 

Sincerely, I thank you for your time and patience with me right now. I am trying so hard to get it finished if only I could stop falling asleep while reading it. I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!

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